my approach


Authentic partnership to share WHAT matters most and WHY.


Clarity and focus to move forward, trusting your own decisions.

Commit to 3 months and expect results.  Be ready to clear roadblocks and experience forward momentum.   If you don't really want to move, I'm not the coach for you.

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Amy Johnson

What others are saying...


I am the owner of a very complex business.  Amy's coaching process has helped me to make clear decisions on crucial matters that will determine our trajectory and outcomes.  She has helped me to think clearly, organize, lead and delegate effectively.  I can now "Do what I do best in the business" with fewer headaches and greater confidence we'll achieve our goals.

I went to my session not knowing what would happen - only that I was curious and that it felt like a good time in my life (early 50's) to step out of the whirl and into a quiet space for a bit.  Amy was an ideal guide into that space.  She has an inner peace that radiates, along with an intuitive wisdom and understanding that helped me feel understood, safe and supported throughout.

Amy has guided me through an extremely valuable process of introspection.  She has helped me to verbalize, prioritize and act on what is truly important in my life.  I am already seeing the results!

Gain Clarity.

Make Decisions.

Move Forward.

Learn and Repeat.

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ICF Accredited Coach

Equine Alchemy Accredited Coach

Entrepreneur -  business owner