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I went to my session not knowing what would happen--only that I was curious, and that it felt like a good time in my life (early 50's) to step out of the whirl and into a quiet space for a bit. Amy was an ideal guide into that space. She has an inner peace that radiates, along with an intuitive wisdom and understanding that helped me feel understood, safe, and supported  throughout.  Since my session, I've been more peaceful in observing and accepting "what is," and am more aware of how to stay tuned to my truest, highest self. With this shift in play, I could see going for a periodic "tune-up/tune-in," though even one session remains a cherished gift, the kind I hope more people will give themselves and to loved ones.        ~ Nan

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New baby, kids start school, job change, going back to work, moving…let's explore what's possible.

Discover or remember the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning…besides coffee!

Prioritize self-care without feeling guilty.  An empty cup leads to burn-out and break down.


Self Care

Learn how to let go of unrealistic expectations and set boundaries with your best interest in mind.


Life Coaching is a relationship, a partnership to be more specific.  This partnership allows you and I to look at areas of your life that just 'aren't working' or where you might be 'stuck'.  You don't have to know why, you just have to be willing to explore, and together we'll unfold your next right choice.


We'll start with a complimentary discovery session.  This session allows us to get to know each other, discuss what's happening in your life and identify where you'd like to see some changes. 

If the coaching relationship feels like a good match for both of us, we'll discuss how Coaching and/or  Equine Assisted Coaching will work for you.

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What is Life Coaching?