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Discovery Session

Find out if coaching is right for you.  We'll discuss your current situation and determine next steps.

Coaching Packages

A Discover Horse Session is a unique and fun way to explore what's going on in your life.  I promise you will discover something about yourself that you did not know before.  You will spend up to 2 hours at the barn.  We can work through an issue, question or explore what's next for you.  We will touch base ahead of time via email or phone and then meet in person for the session.  You will leave the session with new awareness and insight.  This session might be right for you if you: 
  • Feel stuck and want to make a change

  • Need to make a decision and find clarity

  • Feel like your emotions are controlling your life

  • ​Are curious and want to explore something fun and new


The Focused Intension Package allows you to laser-focus on a particular issue or area to find clarity and resolution.  This package includes 3 coaching calls with the option to add a horse session.  I recommend that the sessions be completed within 2-4 weeks.  We will definitely establish:
  • Vision - Your desired end-state
  • Goals for this Season of Life
  • Action Plan for Reaching Your Goals


Discover Horse

Focused Intention

Game Changer

If you are ready to create lasting change in your life, then this is the first step.  This coaching package allows you an opportunity to energize a part of you or your life that has fallen off the radar. Or to move forward in an area that has been stagnant too long.  You have 6 sessions with the flexibility to meet weekly or biweekly in order to meet your goals.  Some of the tools we may incorporate are:
  • Vision - Your desired end-state

  • Goals for this Season of LIfe

  • Action Plan for Reaching your Goals
  • Mission - Why are you here?
  • Personal Leadership Style
  • Great Story Mapping


Coaching Sessions:

  • Take place on the phone

  • Last up to 60 minutes

  • Include Email/Text Support between calls


Horse Sessions:

  • Take place in Peoria near 83rd Ave and Happy Valley Rd

  • Last about 2 hours

  • Click Here for more information